What is the Podlasie?

Podlasie is such a nice piece of Poland. A little different from the others. Perhaps poorer in the financial sense, perhaps somewhat less booming capitalism – but richer in multiculturalism. Because right here you can see that Poland does not necessarily have to be uniform, homogeneous, the same. It may be different. Sometimes, surprisingly different.

Podlasie is a lot of nature. Many areas of great importance to many rare elsewhere animal and plant species. It is still preserved environment, which failed to protect elsewhere in Poland and even the world.

Cultural diversity

On the Podlasie live Poles. But Poles with roots in different, often far apart places. There are those who, in addition Polishness feel too Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews, Tatars … are mixed marriages, families, different holidays at different times … All the same, regardless of the origin and feelings go to the same shops, buying the same things here live. Sometimes there are friction, but more often there is understanding and respect. Because in Podlasie you can not know someone who is different, mean different religion, culture, but also is a neighbor, he works somewhere nearby, they lives together.

Nature of Podlasie

Podlasie is nature. A lot of cool nature that is preserved, which can be admired. Have you managed to keep a lot of natural riches in Podlasie? I think so. Although even here a lot has been destroyed, and God forbid – it will further has …

Podlasie is Biebrza – the largest in this part of Europe lowland river with a huge marshy valley, which are still preserved little altered by human sedges. The Kingdom of moose and birds – which in the spring season there are tens of thousands. Podlasie is a primeval forests – less known, Knyszyn and most famous – Bialowieza. Podlasie – also Narew. The river, which fragments still preserved old character and appearance – and is sometimes called, because of the amount of backwaters – “Polish Amazonia”. Suwalki, with its lakes, forests, moraines are not Podlasie it is true, but the Podlasie region as the most …

Not only Nature

Podlasie is also … kitchen. Often a mix of various regional cuisines – Lithuanians, Tatars, Belarusians and Poles. With Lithuanians Podlasie is famous for its kartacze – a potato dishes. This dish similar to Polish pyzy, Lithuanian cooler (ideal dish for hot summer days), soczewiaki – dumplings with lentils, kindziuk – meats, kumpiak – salted, wilted ham and sękacz – cake looks like a tree trunk. From the kitchen tables of Russian Podlasie land bliny – yeast pancakes and bread kvass. Kitchen Tatar left behind: pierekaczewnik – cake layered with meat or cheese, cheburek – dumplings with meat and kołduny – dumplings stuffed with raw meat stewed with onion and garlic. Delicious Soup! Celebrity is also a kiszka ziemniaczana (supposedly the Germans) and babka ziemniaczana (the Jews) being prepared from grated potatoes with bits of sausage, ham, onions and spices. The most caloric food region’s inhabitants owe Belarusians – wareniki, dumplings: with meat, cheese, mushrooms and sweet eg. With berries and potato pancakes.

Podlasie is a place where you can meet other Poland – slower, diverse, more diverse, sometimes surprising, but sometimes extremely and surprisingly tasty!