• Code:

    RWE201 – Magic Podlasie

  • Start date:

    Any you wish

  • Duration:

    7 days on bike
    8 nights

  • Group quantity:

    Minimum 2 persons

  • Location:

    Biebrza Valley
    Knyszynska Forest
    Land of Tatars

  • Price

    450 EUR as basic
    +240 EUR optional for Comfort Package
    +260 EUR optional for Fly & Bike Package
    +190 EUR single room
    +300 EUR single room in Comfort Package

    All prices are per person.

Route: Wizna – Woźnawieś – Goniądz – Supraśl – Kruszyniany -Supraśl- Tykocin – Wizna
Length overall (approx.): 407 km

Difficulty level – medium. Sometimes in the villages pavement over short distances. The Wilderness possible forest road, gravel. Sections of running the public roads with little vehicle traffic.

Day 0: Arrival, Wizna
Day 1: Wizna — Woźnawieś (about 83 km)
Day 2: Woźnawieś – Goniądz (approximately 55 km)
Day 3: Goniądz – Supraśl (about 71 km)
Day 4: Supraśl – Kruszyniany (approx. 53 km)
Day 5: Kruszyniany – Supraśl (approximately 43 km)
Day 6: Supraśl – Tykocin (about 57 km)
Day 7: Tykocin — Wizna (approx. 45 km)
Day 8: Wizna – departure

Start date is any, depends only from your desire. There is the possibility to start the trip in another, the selected by you point. If you have any questions, please contact us.


The route passes through two unique spots in the Podlasie region – by the Biebrza Valley – the only in Europe – wide river that has retained so much of its natural character of the Knyszynska Forest and – larger than the Bialowieza Forest (in Polish area) the forestry complex in our country. It is also an expedition for the cultural and religious diversity of the Podlasie – from a very Catholic town on the Biebrza, by Orthodox villages and towns on Sokólska Hights  till the Tatar rule a minority living in the eastern part of the Puszcza Knyszynska.

Day 0:
Arrival to Wizna, evening dinner. There is possibility to go for boat trip to see Beavers.

Day 1:
Wizna – Woźnawieś: the route begins in Wizna and runs West, high banks of the river Biebrza. With a few points, you can admire the panorama of the Valley of the River, vast, extending for several kilometers the marshes with their most noticeable richness – thousands of birds for which the Biebrza Valley is one of the most important breeding sites in Europe. Often you can also noted grazing Elk. The next route, after crossing the borders of the lower basin – leads through the mineral, which charted new skies in the river for thousands of years. End of the line in the vicinity of the Woźnawieś on the river Jegrznią is one of the tributaries of the Biebrza.

Day 2:
Woźnawieś – Goniądz: Trip alongside Middle basin River. Middle basin, located between the Sztabin and the Osowiec fortress, a vast, swampy and flat area covered with a thick layer of peat. The river flows closer to the South bank of basin, created by the hights – where are located some villages – the largest of them is Goniądz where we finished the day. Central basin length is 30 km, width reaches 20 km; the length of the river 52 km, width ranges from 15 to 50 meters. In this area you can see places of former river regulation.

Day 3:
Goniądz-Supraśl: the route passes through diverse, the agricultural landscape of the Sokólska height roughly along the river Nereśl. Many charming places, fields, cutted by balks, trees, delightfully located small towns and villages. A route very varied.

Day 4:
Supraśl-Kruszyniany: the route passes through the central or northern parts of the Puszcza Knyszynska. The first variant carries the main road local number 676 – Supraśl – Krynki – it is a picturesque, cutting through the Wilderness road at relatively small circular motion and excellent quality asphalt road; the second option (longer – alternative route) passes through the northern part of the Knyszynska Forest and villages located in forest. Both routes meet in Krynki – and continue by a picturesque path to Kruszyniany. Along the way (in both cases) you can visit the arboretum in the Kopna Góra. When choosing the base route you can also visit the aviaries with animals in Poczopek. The route ends in Kruszyniany – the capital of Polish Tatars.

Day 5:
Kruszyniany – Supraśl: route cutting through the southern part of Knyszynska Forest. The route leads through the picturesque forest roads, villages and small settlements. There is a possibility, with some luck, to meet the animals living in the forest – maybe even Lynx or Wolf. The asphalt surface, but sometimes gravel on forest paths. In the villages you will come across the pavement. The route ends in Supraśl.

Day 6:
Supraśl – Tykocin: the route runs first through the forest then along the Supraśl River then Narew to Tykocin. The route passes through picturesque villages Supraśl and then an extensive valley of the Narew River. Complete the route in Tykocin.

Day 7:
Tykocin – Wizna: last day of drive – route runs through the valley of the Narew by “Grądy Woniecko”. The original, flat, with many occurring there birds route ends in Wizna.

Day 8:
Wizna – Departure after breakfast.

What is included:

450 EUR – Basic Tour:
– 8 nights in pensions (double/twin rooms)
– 8 breakfasts and evening meals (Half Board)
– daily luggage transfers
– detailed maps with .pdf and .gpx format
– help in any case


+240 EUR for Comfort Package:
– best possible hotels on road
– lunch packets or arranged lunches if possible

+260 EUR for Fly & Bike Package:
– transfer from/to Warsaw’s airports
– bike and traveling bike bags included

+190 EUR for single room basic tour

+300 EUR for single room in Comfort Package

All prices are per person.

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1. Minimum group – 2 persons
2. You should have got a passport with you to make a check-in.
3. Please book as soon as possible to provide you the maximum comfort.
4. Start date is any, depends only from your desire. There is the possibility to start the trip in another, the selected by you point. If you have any questions, please contact us.